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Ensuring that you make the most return on your marketing campaign is key to any advertiser and Red Cheetah has several features that make it just the right platform to reach your target market. With over 1,000 Red Cheetah partner channels in Lagos and growing, including BRT buses, metered taxis, malls, lounges, cafes, bars and campuses, the potential to reach your precise target is high.

Here are a few of what Red Cheetah can do for you :

  1. Truly Guaranteed Viewership : Since our customers willingly accept to view adverts, we guarantee that your adverts are seen by the targeted users due to the non-skippable advert feature on Red Cheetah. In addition, you will only pay for adverts seen thereby reducing media waste to zero.

  2. Unmatched Quality: We prioritise bandwidth for all adverts to ensure that your adverts are served in crystal clear and high definition quality.

  3. Precise and Customised Targeting: Red Cheetah allows you to target your customers based on pre-defined criteria like age, gender, location, etc. enabling you to maximise the reach and impact of your budget. No matter how niche your audience is, Red Cheetah will help you target precisely!

  4. Excellent Customer Engagement: We have a rich database of customer profiling to enable you engage either directly or indirectly.

  5. Exclusive Ad Units: You can lock down advert units for any desired period of time.

  6. Robust reporting and Analytics: The campaign reports from Red Cheetah are customizable and provide valuable data for decision making.

  7. DIY features: Upon signing up, you enjoy exclusive access to customize your campaigns and track performance in real-time.

  8. Contact us today to see how good Red Cheetah is.

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Keep your customers happy and engaged by partnering with us to provide free wifi at your outlet. With a massive internet allowance of up to 1GB per day, you will have them coming back for more in no time. Let Red Cheetah help you retain your customers. Sign up as a channel partner today. Here is what you stand to get:

  1. Loyal customers and a stream of new ones who happily look forward to super speed wifi absolutely free!
  2. You differentiate yourself from the crowd with an excellent competitive edge
  3. Get basic information about your customers and how they patonize your outlet.
  4. Run targeted campaigns that would be served specifically to your intended customers.

For more information on how to turn your business location a hotspot, simply send an e-mail to, contact us via our social media platforms or call us on 01-7101010. We will be glad to hear from you.